1. Dynamic

 If you are ready for a lively speaker who can engage any audience look no further. Paulette delivers energetic engaging content that will hook each individual and leave them pleading for more.

2. Flexible

Paulette understands how important it is to bring the best to your audience. That’s why she is helpful at every step of the planning process, so you know exactly what to expect from her and together create a magical experience for your valued audience.


3. Genuine

Paulette has been through a lot throughout her life and she brings those experiences to audiences. She is not afraid to share her personal journey to lead audiences to a victorious destination.


4. Inspiring

She is a master storyteller. Trained by the best, Paulette uses her personal stores to create relevant examples of life, business or general challenges and tangible takeaways to overcome them.

5. Creative

She loves using creativity to find unique ways that engage audiences. Whatever your audience needs are, Paulette will find a way to creatively loop her innovative deliverables into takeaways for your group.


Paulette is a dynamic speaker and delivers a perfect blend of practical, real-world guidance and inspirational big thinking. The high-energy presentation was well-crafted, thought provoking and presented ideas that will make a profound difference in your story telling and public speaking skills.

Crystal Almeida
CEO & Co-Founder of The Mom Link

Paulette's energy is contagious! She brings excitement and a powerful message through her words to her audience. Highly recommended!

Katie Elsbernd
Director of Partnership & Collaboration

I've learned a lot of actionable communication tips from this dynamic speaker. Thank you Paulette B. for being such an amazing public speaking educator.

Jennae Pitts
Owner, Ultimate Skye Travel

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